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Welcome to my website, everyone.

As I wrote in the acknowledgements to my latest book, "Life's Little Edge" (March, 2005), I could have never accomplished what I have without the love and support of my family and friends, who understand why I am grumpy, when I have writer's block, who do not even look embarassed anymore when I start scribbling on napkins in a restaurant, and have learned just not to talk to me when my eyes get that certain glazed-over look.

I am glad you have found your way here, and I hope you will enjoy browsing through. There are some personal notes, my biography (short, but I like it that way), the books I wrote so far and some example passages taken from them, reviews by readers and authors, and some other assorted things. I try to keep this website up to date as much as possible, and rely on my designers to nag me when I fail to provide information. Do not forget to stop at a bookstore, online or in person, to pick up my latest book, "Life's Little Edge".

Slainte, Roselle Graskey

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