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"October Echoes" Reviews

Blayne Cooper, author of "Cobb Island", Northfield - I wasn't sure what to expect when it came to "October Echoes". Boy, was I pleasantly surprised! The story of former IRA enforcer Nora, and dedicated FBI agent, Sara, captured me from the very start and didn't let me go until the last page. Who are the real bad guys in the world of international politics? It's hard to tell. And October Echoes poignantly reminds us of that. While it is a political drama with a fair amount of action, it's also the story of two women's budding friendship and, finally, romance. The sexual tension is based in reality and utterly believable. No love at first sight in this tale. The novel depicts 'real' women in a very difficult situation, who learn to rely on each other. This quick read is an engaging, and surprisingly humorous, story at times. It's well worth time and the cover price.

Diana Lee, author of "A Taste for Blood", New York - From the opening image of the peaceful Irish countryside to the complexity of international politics, Graskey paints a vivid picture that stays in the mind. Her characters have the grit of reality, and the complexity of their relationships drew me into their lives. I found myself responding to the characters with real emotion, and I could not put the book down. There is no way to anticipate the plot twists in this book. Just when you think you can tell the good guys from the bad, a new level of deception crops up and revenge takes on new meanings. Whether you enjoy mysteries or intrigue or romance, there is something for you in this book. I can’t wait for her next book.

Marlene Ingrid Witte, author, Germany - Roselle Graskey is a young, lovely and dynamic author full of promise. I enjoyed reading "October Echoes". While this review may seem short, it is to the point. I am in the middle of my seventh decade on this earth, and while my generation certainly has difficulty coming to terms with gender issues, reading "October Echoes" has been a pleasant, pure experience, even for a prude lady like me. The story is well structured, flows naturally, character and plot development are thought through and well done. Fulfill the great promises you have shown, Graskey.

Joyce McNeil, Metairie - What do you do when you’re faced with a situation with dire consequences? And the person most capable of helping you is a woman locked away in prison, for being an IRA enforcer, as in Irish Republican Army Enforcer. When a child is kidnapped, a female FBI agent is faced with just that. Nevertheless, she begins the process of “breaking” the enforcer out of prison. While the rest of the world is on the hunt for the escaped prisoner, both women begin the hunt for the kidnapped child. Their investigation takes them into the world of the Irish community, who takes care of their “own”, and where an old enemy awaits one of the women? Who is this enemy? Which woman is the target? What will happen when the women meet up with this enemy? Will they be able to discover and ultimately rescue the kidnapped child? As they uncover clues and the possible identity of the kidnapper, the two women begin to experience feelings for each other. As the investigation proceeds and they spend more and more time together, they finally, acknowledge these feelings. Then other questions arise. Will the offer of freedom for the IRA enforcer allow them to have a future? What do they do if the unforeseen happens? Travel along as the writer takes you on an intriguing journey filled with drama, suspense and at times, tearful moments and memories.

Sabi, Dallas - They say friends are always the toughest reviewers. I have known Roselle for more than ten years and have followed, encouraged, pushed and prodded her to put black on white what her mind projected on the canvas of our numerous late-night conversations. "October Echoes" is definitely a book difficult to put down once started. I had the privilege of seeing the book develop from the first rudimentary page to its last published one. Well written and suspenseful, I highly recommend it.

C. Sabo, Elgin - Strange bedfellows: An IRA enforcer, doing time in prison, and an FBI agent join forces to find the kidnapped child of a British diplomat. This well-written thriller is a far cry from the formula plots that fill the market place. It moved quickly and kept me riveted until the last page. The chemistry between these tough, unlikely allies; the absorbing story and exciting pace made this one of the most pleasurable reads I've experienced in a long, long time.

"Life's Little Edge" Reviews

J, Erie - "Life's Little Edge" is a roller-coaster ride of mystery, romance, and heartbreak, all tied together with duty and honor... Oh, and motorcycles! The characters are well developed, with some plot twists and turns that will certainly keep your attention. It's a great read from cover to cover!

Sabi, Dallas - Roselle Graskey's "Life's Little Edge" is a natural evolution in this author's exploration of diverse social issues. O'Malley and Barclay are credible and well-defined characters; emotions, thoughts and actions by both keep the reader involved until the very last page.

K. Johnson (Twin Cities, MN) - If I start reading a good book, I usually crack off a little over 100 pages a night. When I find an unusually good book, I can't stop reading until I'm done. 'Life's Little Edge' fits into the latter category. A synopsis of the book is available elsewhere on this page, so I'll cut to the chase... Graskey is a fantastic writer. The characters of Callan and Terri are very real and very likable. The supporting characters all have a legitimate role. The reader isn't sure until the very end who is really a good guy and who is really a bad guy. There are many facts and details related to the undercover work, but Graskey keeps them consistent and delivers them in such a way that the reader is not confused. To top it all off, this book is full of passion, suspense, honor, and commitment. It's not a stretch to compare Graskey's talent with that of Radclyffe and Maas. I believe this is a true classic of the lesbian fiction genre -- heck, anyone who likes a suspenseful romance would love this book. Here's to a permanent addition to my bookshelf... Take the time to read it, you won't be disappointed.

K. Isserman (Columbia, MD) - Roselle Graskey's Life's Little Edge is a well written, gripping story with an unusual plot. No one is who they seem to be in this story about former Army Sergeant Callan O'Malley turned biker and gunrunner. The story begins with flashes of the injured sergeant in an Army hospital during Desert Storm where she meets Lt. Ellen Rivers, a nurse who treats her wounds. After O'Malley gets home, she eventually hooks up with Rivers, and they fall in love. Three years later, Rivers dies in a tragic accident. Fast forward to O'Malley exiting a prison where she has served time, and we are brought to the present day with a heated poker game in the bikers' club. In this game, she wins a woman named Terri with an all or nothing bet by Terri's abusive boyfriend, Trey. As a biker, she must accept this bet and accept Terri as her woman when she wins, or O'Malley will put both of their lives in jeopardy. Terri's ex starts spreading rumors that Terri is a cop so Terri and O'Malley have to pretend they are lovers to protect themselves. In Life's Little Edge, O'Malley is the heart and soul of the plot and Graskey illustrates all of her dimensions. She cultivates a complicated character that is flawed and honorable simultaneously, who has anger, regrets, strength and tenderness all at once. While O'Malley treats Terri well, she also carries a lot of rage and takes it out on her fellow bikers at times. O'Malley fights the demons of her past while participating in illegal activities in the present. O'Malley's and Terri's love scenes are scorching and add force to the story. Life's Little Edge uses flashbacks and O'Malley's memories successfully to fill the reader in on the back-story, but Graskey does not give away anything too early as she leaves out critical plot points that prevent the reader from figuring out where this story is headed. We, as the reader, are left with anticipation as to how Terri and O'Malley get to where they are now. Their pasts don't add up, and we must keep the pages turning to find out. We are brought into the dangerous world of drug dealing, gunrunning, dirty cops and possible murder, but with a cast of characters who have CIA, Army and Air Force backgrounds, we do not know who the criminals are and who the good guys are. Even in the final pages, we are captivated by this riveting story and do not get closure until the last word is written.

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