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From "October Echoes"

Sara followed Nora into the Irish pub, tired and worn out from the long drive. She wondered if all Irish pubs looked the same. It was still early enough that they were the only ones in the place other than the bartender and the owner. The bartender took one look at Nora and his face drained of all color. Without a word, he rushed to the door at the far end by the bathrooms. In a moment, a small round figure of an old man came out. He moved quickly in spite of his size.
Nora's smile almost lit up the room. She accepted his hug with true affection. "Danny, too long 'tis been," she said in the Irish language. Sara felt completely left out not understanding the words.
He pulled back from the hug and eyed Sara suspiciously. "The word is ya broke out. Who's she?"

From "Life's Little Edge"

O'Malley hung up the receiver, then reached into her wallet for the money to cover dinner. Placing the cash on the nightstand, she let her eyes linger on the photograph that smiled up at her. She took cold comfort in the fact that very soon she would be able to settle old scores. Maybe then she could move forward and let some things go. She might even be able to regain a sense of herself, reconnect with the person she had once been.
Terri wanted to ask a million questions, but didn't know where to start, and after such a roller-coaster day, she didn't want to ask anything that might set the biker off on another round of silent treatment or possibly worse. There were a few things that truly scared her, but one of the them was the type of barely restrained beast that had shown itself in Hank's office. That sort of person was too close to home.

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